Wholesale handmade natural soaps and bath products uk

Here at The Cute soaperie  we strongly believe that everyone should have access to pure, natural soap. 

What you put on your skin is important, that’s why, it is our passion, to use natural ingredients for creating the purest soaps, like our grandmothers used to make them.

We use oils and butters mixing with lye to create our soaps. This called “cold process” and is the traditional way to make soaps. The reaction that occurs is called saponification, and the result is a soap and glycerin mixture. 

All the oils that take place in this reaction will leave their elements in the soap. For example: avocado oil will leave avocado elements, cocoa butter will leave cocoa elements etc. The more oils and butters we use the more elements we have in the final soap! The most important thing is, that the cold process procedure, requires zero synthetic chemicals.

The result is a pure, natural, highly moisturizing soap!

Why use natural soap?

  • Natural soap won’t dry your skin while very gently cleans it.
  • No synthetic chemicals are used, which can cause irritations and skin problems.
  • By using a natural product that will assimilate after use, we protect the environment.

Why don’t you give it a try? You won’t be disappointed! Make yourself happy.

Thank you for reading me!

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