Why I started using natural soaps


I belong to the unfortunate group of people who have very fine and greasy hair. I was washing it every night, waking up in the morning looking like a lion, feeling gorgeous.

But around mid day; quel catastrophe; I was looking again like an oily rat!

I was fed up with my hair. Crazy thoughts, like going bald, were coming into mind hahahaha. I tried almost everything that I could find in the market to make the problem go away. But NO! Stubborn hair didn’t want to get along.

Until one day I saw a blog that said, natural soap with lemon can balance the oily hair. Why not? I thought! Let’s try this as well.

I ordered one and waiting impatiently for my soap to come. After 2 days I was holding it in my hands. It was my last beacon of hope lol.

I’d started using it every day at first. It felt right, less oily, fluffier, more volume. After 5-6 uses I realized that I don’t need to wash it every day. It kept the nice, shining touch more than 1 day! I wasn’t  a rat anymore. A princess was born!  

It was a miracle. Those who have the same problem will understand. It rocked my world hahahaha.

That was the moment when, for the first time, thought to make my own handmade natural soap.

But this is another story!

Thanks for reading me

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